Safe Kids Walk This Way Thailand
2012 activity


December 2012



WTW staff monthly meeting

On December 3 and 7, 2012 – SKT held the meeting with WTW staff. The meeting was to progress the WTW activities and plan, updated WTW news, and shared experiences.


Meeting with FedEx representative

On December 17, 2012 – SKT meeting with Stacey from FedEx and Grayling team to discuss about WTW results and next plan.


Pedestrian Safety Walk Rally

During 18-21 December, 2012 – SKT partnered with FedEx held the ‘Pedestrian Safety Walk Rally’ for 460 students aged 10-12 of four target schools in Samutprakarn Province and Bangkok. The sessions aimed to increase knowledge and awareness about pedestrian safety through a walk rally for child pedestrian safety. Three learning stations game including a “My Route to School” station, “How to Walk and Cross Safely” station, and “Stop-Look-Listen-Think-Walk” station. Pre and post-test evaluations were conducted at trainings to measure change in knowledge of pedestrian safety. Safety knowledge increased an average 25%.





December 18-21, 2012 - SKT conducted the PHOTOVOICE project with 40 students aged 10-12 of four target schools in Bangkok and Samutprakan Province, 10 students of each school. The students received pedestrian safety education, photography training, observational research field trip, and took a photo that related to pedestrian issues and risk areas around school. More than 100 photos were taken from 40 students but only the best 40 photo was selected by them, one child one photo. FedEx volunteers were take part in the initial screening the 20 of 40 photos be displayed at the PHOTOVOICE Exhibition on January 28 that Russell from FedEx in Memphis and Representative from Safe Kids Worldwide attended the event.