Safe Kids Walk This Way Thailand
2012 activity


November 2012




*       The Provincial Conference on Child Safety in Nan Province


On November 6, 2012 – Child Safety Team in Nan province hosted the Provincial Conference on Child Safety with 250 participants. The conference is to present all child safety program in Nan Province, and the results of PHOTOVOICE project in 14 districts that operated by 14 child safety hospitals was presented as well.





*       Thailand-International Walk to School Day  


On November 20, 2012 - Safe Kids Thailand hosted the International Walk to School Day at MBK Center, a large shopping mall in Bangkok. The event with the theme “Children Need Safe Routes for Walking,” was attended by 200 students and 300 teachers, parents, private agencies, road safety organizations, community leaders and the media. More than 20 WTW volunteers together with the Traffic and Transportation Department walked from the Victory Monument to MBK Center and performed in a Walk This Way flash mob to promote the event. Awards were presented to 9 organizations supporting child pedestrian safety and participants signed a petition committing to work together to keep children safe and create safer routes for pedestrians. And there were booth exhibition about road safety from 5 organizations. The event was promoted through 17 media channel (2 TV channel and 15 others)






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*       Meeting and Training with 4 target schools


On November 30, 2012 - SKT has conducted the meeting with teachers from 4 target schools in FY13 and trained the Child Pedestrian Safety.