Safe Kids Walk This Way Thailand
2012 activity


September 2012





*       PHOTOVOICE Exhibition

(Under the extension project to others district in Bangkok)


On September 9 and 23, 2012 – a photo exhibition was held at Phumphokrang and Blue-light community with 88 participation from children, parents, community heads, related agencies, SKT/CSIP. The best photos taken by children of the two communities were on display. The chairperson, the Chief of the Community Development Division, gave a speech about the photos of children. The children presented their photos and the guests had the opportunity to ask children about the photos and voted for the photo they felt best depicted dangerous conditions in need of improvements.
















The best photos selected by children




No footpath to walk safely

Dangerous drainer 



Be careful of the water

The way to home



Be careful of drowning

An open hole on footpath



Walkway is unsafe






*       Extension of ‘Walk This Way’ Program

(As part of the Minimum Criteria for Child Safety Rights Seminar in Chachoengsao Province)


On September 16, 2012 –  SKT trained the Child Pedestrian Safety and PHOTOVOICE Project  to 85 Community Health Volunteers of 5 districts in Chachoengsao Province.




*       Safe Kids Global Summit in Wellington, New Zealand


On September 28-30, 2012 – the two representatives from Safe Kids Thailand participated the annual Safe Kids Global Summit in Wellington, New Zealand September 28-30. The summit is for member countries to gather, discuss and to share experiences on injury prevention worldwide.