Safe Kids Walk This Way Thailand
2012 activity


February 2013




*       Data Collection and Classroom Education

On February 11 and 27, 2013 - SKT conducted Classroom Education for 1,377 students grade 1-6 at Klongbangkeaw school, Samutprakarn province and Senanikom school, Bangkok. And the number on mode and method of travel of students found that;

  • Klongbangkeaw school ( 687 students) – school bus:311,Motorcycle(passenger):164, Pedestrian:81 (52 walk alone, 29 walk with an adult, injury occurrence:13), Car:80, Public bus:40, Others:7, Bike:4
  • Senanikom school ( 690 students) – Motorcycle(passenger):392, Pedestrian:105 (62 walk alone, 39 walk with an adult, injury occurrence:12), school bus:74, Bike:56, Public bus:40, Car:23





*       Teacher Training Workshop

On February 21, 2013 - SKT conducted the training and evaluation for 41 teachers in Bangkok aimed to increase knowledge among teachers on methods how to teach students about safe road behaviors. And they are now continuing to conduct education and administer pre- and post-tests for their students.