‘Classroom Education’


In July, under the collaboration between Safe Kids Thailand (SKT), Child Safety Promotion and Injury Prevention Research Center (CSIP), and University Student volunteers has organized the campaign ‘Classroom Education’ with the purpose to provide knowledge and skills about pedestrian safety to 8,638 primary students (grade 1-6) from 14 schools within 3 districts (Bangplea, Bangbo, Bangsaothong) in Samutprakarn province.


Students gained knowledge from the educational media tool, ‘How to walk and cross safely’ (some pictures came from PHOTOVOICE taken by children aged between 10-12 years). Major concepts of the media were about walk safely and cross safely. ‘Walk Safely’ tells students how to walk if there is no walk way, how to walk on riverside, how to walk in low-light areas. ‘Cross Safely’ tells students how to choose safe road for crossing, 5 steps in crossing - - ‘stop-look-listen-think-walk’, how to cross at the corner or intersection, how to cross at railway, how to cross at traffic congestion areas, how to cross the road having more than 2 traffic lanes. Besides, students could play learning games about traffic signs, pedestrian signs, all signs related to the walk and cross.


Based on the assessment from Pre-Post-Knowledge Test among 3,643 students (primary students grade 4-6) found that students’ knowledge increased from 52% up to 69%. The findings was distributed back to the survey school at the total of 14 schools for future implication. School management team and teachers responded well and commented that this extra activity was interesting, could be applied into students real life, could not be found in the textbook, also made the students happy to learn while increasing their knowledge and skills on road safety.