‘Parents Education’


During November to January, under the collaboration between Safe Kids Thailand (SKT)/ CSIP, 2 school networks (Wat Paknam school and Baan Pluakdaeng school in Rayong), and Suwanprasit community has organized the campaign ‘Parents Education’ to 1,350 parents. The campaign focus on how to give knowledge and take care of young pedestrians about pedestrian safety. Parents of students aged younger than 10 years (kindergarten – grade 3 level) were educated with the focus on not allowing young children cross the road alone while parents of students aged more than 10 years old (grade 4-6) were educated with the focus on improving their pedestrian skills.  


After education, Pre-tests revealed that on average only 65% of questions were answered correctly on the traffic safety. Post-test scores increased to an average of 81% of correct answers. During the session, we found that most of the kids walked to/from school alone. Parents found that travel route to/from school was unsafe and some of children had injury during walking to/from school.


‘Walking Safely’ Education Project: Nurses Training
(as a part of “Safe Kids: Safe Transport for Sick Kids” Project)


In November, SKT /CSIP partnered with Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Ramathibodi Hospital and Faculty of Medicine, Chiang Mai University conducted training for 102 doctors and nurses from hospitals in Chiang Mai Province on how they can teach and assist parents about safe road behaviors of their children.