The 2nd Walk Smart: A Children’s Pedestrian Safety Education


In January, under the collaboration between Safe Kids Thailand (SKT) / CSIP, and University Student volunteers has organized the 2nd Walk Smart: A Children’s Pedestrian Safety Education with the purpose to provide knowledge and skills about pedestrian safety to 559 students (grade 4-6) from 3 schools in Bangkok city.


Students gained knowledge from the educational media tool, ‘How to walk and cross safely’. Major concepts of the media were about walk safely and cross safely. ‘Walk Safely’ tells students how to walk if there is no walk way, how to walk on riverside, how to walk in low-light areas. ‘Cross Safely’ tells students how to choose safe road for crossing, 5 steps in crossing - - ‘stop-look-listen-think-walk’, how to cross at the corner or intersection, how to cross at railway, how to cross at traffic congestion areas, how to cross the road having more than 2 traffic lanes. Besides, students could play learning games about traffic signs, pedestrian signs, all signs related to the walk and cross.


Video clip of the Walk Smart: A Children’s Pedestrian Safety Education


Video clip of ‘Stop-Look-Listen-Think-Walk song’


Meeting with the Bangkok Vice Governor (Dr.Pusadee Tamthai)  


In January, SKT / CSIP met with the Bangkok  Vice Governor (Dr.Pusadee Tamthai)   to discuss about Safe Kids Walk This Way program.


TV Interview


January 26, Speed Channel interviewed with SKT / CSIP about Safe Kids Walk This Way program.


International Walk to School Day ‘Children Day – Care for Child Pedestrians’


January 29,Safe Kids Thailand / CSIP, Department of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine, Ramathibodi Hospital in collaboration with Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), road safety agencies (both public, private, and NGOs), relevant agencies for child safety, supported by FedEx and Safe Kids Worldwide, is organizing the second ‘International Walk to School Day’ on January 29, 2015 at the Bangkok Arts and Cultural Center (BACC), for the purpose to mobilize every sector of society in recognizing the significance of child pedestrian safety; and to exhibit the photo gallery of risk areas nearby schools in Bangkok to the public in order to increase the concern of our children who must walk from/to school in the midst of unsafe environment. The campaign calls for the cooperation from every agency in particular the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) to establish policies and improve safe environment for children such as safe pavements, safe pedestrian crossing. The International Walk to School Day event in Thailand was held on November, 2012 for the first time.


Pre-opening Day: To make written complaints about risk areas, the host will distribute more than 1,000 ‘complaints postcards’ to the public (children, students, parents, artists, film stars, and relevant authorities). All postcards will be shown in the Opening Day to public in order to increase the concern of our children.


Opening Day: (January 29, 2015) at the Bangkok Arts and Cultural Center (BACC), with was attended by over 200 people from schools, community organizations, government agencies, NGOs, the media and the general public.

"Every child should be able to travel to school safely, however, in cities like Bangkok, there are challenges in order to achieve this goal" said by Tridao Apaiwong,  Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) spokeswoman


“The intolerably high child pedestrian fatality numbers, and the increasing number of vehicles on our roads highlight the urgency and importance of the programs run by Safe Kids Thailand. So we are heartened today, by the support of many agencies, and representatives from all levels who share our goal to make highways and streets safer for children throughout Thailand.” said by David Carden, Managing Director, FedEx Express Thailand and Indochina.


“Child Hope to Kind Adults” Children representatives hand the ‘complaints postcards’ about risk areas nearby schools to BMA.


“Announce the Cooperation” Representatives from the public, parents, schools, media, and every relevant sector to announce the cooperation and to give a promise for child safety.


There were lots of fun with activity booths, games, and display set up around the BACC forecourt by Road safety professionals partnership-Bangkok Metro Traffic and Transportation Department, Asian Transportation Research Society, Thai Cycling Club, Road Accident Victims Protection Company Limited, Accident Prevention Organization, and others.


This event was publicized through the media such as;


Video clip of Walk To School Day;