Safe Kids Walk This Way Thailand
December 2011 activity

    Safe Kids T-shirt “Flood but Not Hopeless” for kids and people to affected by floods
  Due to the floods situation in Thailand,
it causes to postpone WTW activities which will
be taken place during October to December to be January next year.
However, Safe Kids Thailand by FedEx and Safe Kids Worldwide supporting,
has continued to implement program activities such as recreational activities
and taught how to safe walk and safe living in floods,
distributed WTW T-shirt, reflecting bag to children
who have been affected by flood and some are evacuated children.

Besides, we have designed a white and blue T-shirt with wording ‘Flood but Not Hopeless’ for kids and their family. We have totally 3,000 T-shirt. A 1,000 T-shirt with FedEx logo were used WTW budget and distributed to kids and their family who have been affected by floods, aim to encourage and bring them some happiness in this time of crisis.

- T-shirt ‘Flood but Not Hopeless’ for kids and their family-
    Walk and Cross Safely

On December 9, SKT together with Public Health students from Sweden went to Lorenzo Home, the home for abandoned HIV positive orphans aged from 18 months to 10 years, educated and distributed WTW reflecting bag to 30 kids who is abandoned HIV positive orphans and handicapped. Aim to prevent pedestrian injury while they are walking to school around the Lorenzo Home and go somewhere.