Safe Kids Walk This Way Thailand
October 2011 activity

Disaster relief package for children in Safe Community

CSIP and Safe Kids Thailand team together with Thai soldiers distributed supplies, life vest and survival kit to children in Talad Kriab Safe Community in Ayutthaya Province that affected by flooding. 

Again, CSIP, Ramathibodi Hospital and Safe Kids team distributed supplies and survival kit to people in Talad Kriab Safe Community,Ayutthaya Province that affected by flooding. 

Treatment and recreation for evacuated children

CSIP and Safe Kids Thailand team held recreation such as game, drawing and painting for children who leave their flooded homes for the evacuation center at the Government Complex in Bangkok. Safe Kids Thailand shirts and WTW notebooks were distributed to children.

And also CSIP and pediatricians of Ramathibodi Hospital, care for children and babies who affected by flooding. They gave children medicine and other kinds of treatment and also gave advice about healthy.

“We hope that will bring them some happiness in this time of crisis.”