Global Road Safety Week

Safe Kids Thailand/CSIP together with FedEx Express Thailand, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), road safety partnerships as well as schools and communities in Bangkok held the 5th UN Global Road Safety Week leadership for road safety on June 5, 2019 at Bangkok City Hall.

The event was joined nearly 750 persons of children, parents, teachers, communities, partners, stakeholders, journalists, FedEx employees, and volunteers.

This event is to urge all sectors of society, especially government authorities and relevant agencies to take an attention the plight of children and actionable steps to make children safe on the roads according to the principles of the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020, as well as to listen to children voices to show strength and submit the ‘Road safety claims’ for asking all relevant sectors create road safety for children.

Before event day, Safe Kids Thailand launched #speakup campaign to schools and communities across Bangkok.

After the launch, there were nearly 500 #speakup signboards with road safety messages from children, parents, teachers, and others, and #speakup photos were posted on social media such as Facebook.

A highlight of the event day was #speakup from everyone on their thoughts and fears about travelling on the roads and what they need to be kept safe on the roads, speaking to a chairman, the representative from the BMA.

The BMA has a policy to ensure the safety of people, especially children in all aspects, including road safety as can be seen from the Governor of Bangkok has set a policy for all schools to have a safe road crossing.

The event was publicized on news 19 coverage both print and online media.

Safe Kids Thailand also made video clip of the event sharing on social media.


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