SKT in collaboration with Wat Liab Ratbamrung School

Thailand Walk to School Day 2017

January 31, 2017 – – SKT in collaboration with Wat Liab Ratbamrung School and networking under a sponsor of FedEx organized ‘Thailand Walk to School Day’ at Wat Liab Ratbamrung School where students walking from-and-to school more than 60%, and walkways nearby the school need to be modified and improved to become safer. The event was joined over 500 persons of executives, teachers and students of Wat Liab Ratbamrung School, parents, community leaders, head of religion group, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration like Office of Transport and Traffic, Office of Education, Municipal Officials, and schools in Bang Sue district.

On that day, the school was the representatives of schools in Bangkok to share pedestrian problems and urge all sectors to recognize the significance of child pedestrian safety. Students took all guests to walk to school as destination.

Walking Map

During the route heading to school, 4 risky stops would be presented and shared by students. There were

Stop no.1 ‘No Walkway’-It was a two ways street without road divider and driveway and walkway seperator. This can cause road accident to pedestrians, especially the children who walk to school.

Stop no.2  ‘Walkway is not for pedestrians’-Many walkways were used for other purposes such as for food stalls and shops. This causes pedestrians unable to walk on walkways and must walk on dirveways instead. This enables road accident, especially to the children who walk to school.

Stop no.3  ‘Walkway or Driveway’-Walkways in narrow alleys or close to water resouces were parked or engaged by driving motobikes. This brings pedestrian unsafety, especially to the children who walk to school.

Stop no.4 ‘Dangerous Sideway’-Sideway is used by children to be away from driving cars. If the sideway that is close to water resource has no barrier, this is risky for children to fall into water, especially to the children who walk to school.

After the walk to school, the guests shared pedestrian problems they found. All agreed that pedestrian modification is a must to make it safer for children. The opinion from guests was conformed with students’ opinion that they wanted to make pedestrian safety come true. Students’ statement is to have safe pedestrian so that they can walk to school safely and happily. The proposed statement was sent to relevant agencies for further action. The event was publicized on 5 news coverage from online media.

After the event, the report with the proposed statement from students to modify the risk walkways was sent to Bang Sue District Official and Bangkok Metropolitan Administrative Executives. We wish that this year Thailand Walk to School Day would be the prototype of students’ voice to other schools in Bangkok, which led to pedestrian modification to become safer.

Thailand Walk to School Day (วันเด็กเดินเท้าปลอดภัย..ไปโรงเรียน)Safe Kids Thailand ศูนย์วิจัยเพื่อสร้างเสริมความปลอดภั…

โพสต์โดย Walk This Way Thailand บน 30 มกราคม 2017



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