Walk Smart: Safe Child Pedestrians

Safe Kids Thailand under the Child Safety Promotion and Injury Prevention Research Center (CSIP) in collaboration with 5 University student volunteers was invited by Satri Wat Rakhang School organized “Walk Smart: Safe Child Pedestrians” on June 16, 2017. The aim of ‘Walk Smart’ is to educate safe pedestrian and safe walk from/to school to primary students. The activity was joined by more than 1,800 students in grade 7-12.

In activity, students learned how to walk and cross road safely. For example, if no sideway, students must walk far from driveway and walk facing traffic.

To walk close a water resource safely, students must walk far from water resource or walk in the middle walkway if having water resource both sides. To cross a road safely, students must use flyover or over crossing, cross at traffic light and look out left-right to assure no car.

Steps to cross a street safely are stop-look- listen- think- and walk. Students definitely must not run but walk carefully.

SKT also gave sets of ‘Walk Smart” toolkits to the participating schools for future purpose.


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