Decade of Action for Road Safety 2017: Save Kids Lives

SKT in collaboration with Nan safety networks, sponsored by FedEx organized the 4th UN Global Road Safety Week on May 11, 2017 at Jumpeewanidaporn School, Nan Province. The event was joined nearly 500 persons of executives, teachers and students of Jumpeewanidaporn School, Muang Nan Municipality, Nan hospital, Nan police station, Nan Suriyapong army officers, community leaders, parents, school bus drivers, Journalists in Nan province, Kasetsart university, Nippon, British Paint etc.

On that day, the safety networks started paining the roads/conducting risk modification at 3 risk areas, namely the zebra crossing in front of school, walkways and sidewalk, separating line between parking zone and student zone, receiving Road Paints from British Paint. Moreover, to reduce speed and feature the slogan ‘Slowdown’, SKT together with Nan safety networks will make washboard road caution to slowdown driving at 2 areas: road in front of school and road opposite the school, and require speed limit signage (30 km/hr).

The event was publicized on news 7 coverage both print and online media.

Besides, during May 26-31, SKT in collaboration with FedEx conducted a campaign to give funding to 9 primary schools in Bangkok for creating Slowdown Campaign that could promote the 4th UN Global Road Safety Week.

Each of school was funded for 5,000 baht to take action according to the proposal.

The campaign directly reached to 3,609 participants including 2,566 students, 145 teachers, 563 parents, 300 community leaders, 14 police, 21 related agencies, and drivers in the area of schools. Major school activities include education sessions, safe behavior promotion, and establishing campaigns & PR.


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