Field Study and Workshop for ‘Safe School Zone’

Field Study and Workshop for ‘Safe School Zone’ (from Prototyped Safe School to Development)

Sponsored by FedEx, Safe Kids Thailand, under the Child Safety Promotion and Injury Prevention Research Center (CSIP), in collaboration with Jumpeewanidaporn school, ‘Safe School Zone’ working team in Nan, Safe Kids Worldwide organized a Field Study and Workshop for ‘Safe School Zone’ on August 9-10, 2017 at Jumpeewanidaporn school (Tessaban Baan Pumin), Muang District, Nan province.

This Field Study and Workshop aimed to reintroduce the ‘Safe School Zone’ project and call for a field study at Jumpeewanidaporn school – – the Prototyped safe school in road safety. Jumpeewanidaporn school is the first in the Nan provincial municipality, Nan province, which has been successful in Road Safety in School Zone under the cooperation of many sectors.

In this field study, there were more than 150 participants, including teachers from 100 primary schools under the Office of Nan Primary Education Area 1 and 2, network partners such as Nan Municipality Office, Nan Hospital, Head of Nan Primary Education Service Area 1 and 2, Muang Nan Police Station, community leaders, Kasetsart University, Nippon Thailand Co.,Ltd. and eight journalists represented by mass media in Nan Province.

Attending school representatives could learn about activities in safe school zone project in order to adapt in their own schools, which focus on improving the environment and infrastructure related to road safety.

It is expected that Nan Province will be the Prototyped Safe School Zone model in the national level.

Attending school representatives under the authority of Nan Primary Education Area 1

Attending school representatives under the authority of Nan Primary Education Area 2

According to the United Nations policy – – “Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020” to fuel the government and organizations for road accident solutions, Safe Kids Worldwide has developed a safe school zone project, which was extended from Model School Zone project in 2011-2013 (sponsored by FedEx).

The ‘Safe School Zone’ project was originated due to the large number of child pedestrians facing traffic risks surrounded school zone. Thus, the ‘Safe School Zone’ project focus on young child pedestrian safety at primary schools.

The U.S. National Center for Safe Routes to School mention that: Safe School Zone should start from front door, covering all routes in every building around the school. The ultimate goal of the project is to ensure that this project can be implemented for the benefit of children who face with the road unsafe and risks in school zone.

‘Safe School Zone’ at Jumpeewanidaporn school is the project focusing on improving road safety, school environment and infrastructure from the front door covering all the routes in every building and around school.

The success of project came from cooperation of network partners such as Nan officials, police, civil volunteers, community members, Kasetsart University, Safe Kids Thailand, CSIP and FedEx.

All agreed that the project should be developed and extended to other schools, therefore, field study and workshop ‘Safe School Zone’ at Jumpeewanidaporn school was organized.

There were 2 sessions. The first session was held on August 9, 2017 for 50 teachers from Nan Primary Education Service Area 1 and the second sessions was on August 10, 2017 for the other 50 teachers from Nan Educational Service Area 2.

Event agenda included opening speech by the Mayor of Nan Municipality (August 9) and Deputy Mayor of Nan Municipality (August 10), and addressing Road Safety Support from Executive Official from Nan Primary Education Service.

the Mayor of Nan Municipality

Deputy Mayor of Nan Municipality

Executive Official from Nan Primary Education Service

Safe School Zone team in Nan

All 100 school representatives learnt the process of Safe School Zone activities, and visited 13 risk modifications. At each risk modification, there were students and teachers describing how risk it was and how to modify.

Besides students and teachers, there also were network partners such as police, civil defense volunteers, officials, hospital, community members joining the demonstration. This greatly interested all attending representatives.

Students, teachers, and Safe School Zone team in Nan presented and demonstrated risk modification

Traffic boy-scout and traffic police demonstrated ways to take care young students crossing the road in front of school

In addition, the students also presented “PHOTOVOICE to risk modification” as part of the success in the whole process of safe school zone. Students’ ‘PHOTOVOICE’ activity originated risk modification with the support of network partners in ‘Risk Modification on a basic guideline in Traffic Engineering’ by Chanarong Waipoj, a project engineer and lecturer, Department of Engineering Kasetsart University and Dilok Lertkriangkraiying, an expert from Nippon Thai Co.,Ltd.

Students presented ‘PHOTOVOICE to Risk Modification’

After the workshop, all 100 schools received the instructional kit of Safe School Zone such as Safe School Zone Manual, PHOTOVOICE Manual, etc. Besides, 39 school attendants were motivated and signed up for PHOTOVOICE scholarships (5,000 baht/school).

The scholarship offered schools to conduct safe school zone activities on student participation basis. This began in November-December 2017.

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Reported by Kronwika Buntanon


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