Walk Rally – Safe Walk to School at Suan Lumphini School

Safe Kids Thailand, under the Child Safety Promotion and Injury Prevention Research Center, Faculty of Medicine, Ramathibodi Hospital, in conjunction with FedEx Express Thailand (represented by Management and volunteers team) and Suan Dusit Rajabhat University (represented by volunteer student) organized “Walk Rally-Safe Walk to School” on Wednesday December 13, 2017 at Suan Lumphini School, Pathumwan, Bangkok.

The participants attending in walk rally included 100 primary students in grade 1-4, as well as managements and teachers of Suan Lumphini School, students from Faculty of Medical from Taiwan, and journalists in observing and recording the event. Opening speech was made by Ms. Sarin Ninsri, Director of Suan Lumphini School. Gina Galvin, Managing Director of FedEx Express Thailand, gave a speech as the major sponsor of activity.

Ms. Sarin Ninsri, Director of Suan Lumphini School

Gina Galvin, Managing Director of FedEx

Interview students by Channel 3

Road accident is the major incident problem facing people in the world. Every year, road accidents kill 500 children a day; or one child in every 3 minute. Based on the World Health Organization’s 2015 Global Road Accident Ranking, Thailand is ranked second in the world (36.2 per 100,000 population) and ranks the number one in ASEAN region. Nevertheless, road accident is the leading cause of child death in age less than 18 group. It was about 2,000 child deaths, with more than 72,000 child injuries per year.

Child pedestrians are at high risk of being hit by a car while walking from-to school.

It found both behavioural risk toward injury, and environmental risk during the travel route between home and school. For example, road and pedestrian condition, and safety facilities are not facilitated or sufficient for child pedestrian to walk or cross the road safely. Behavioral risk toward injury, for example, adults often overestimate children abilities. Children lack experience about pedestrian safety. Therefore, “Walk Rally-Safe Walk to School” was organized and aimed to educate children with knowledge, skills about pedestrian crossing in normal and difficult situations through learning in 3 different station bases as followings:

1.“Pedestrian Walk” Station – – children learnt about how to walk properly and safely. For example, walk on walkway only. If no walkway, walk far from traffic route as possible. Walk opposite traffic route in order for having a clear vision to see driver.

2.“Crossing Road” Station – – children learnt about how to cross a road safely. For example, using crossing pedestrian bridge, using zebra crossing, watching traffic light, 5 steps in crossing road (stop, watch, listen, think, and cross).

3.“Traffic Sign” Station – – children learnt about traffic signs associated with pedestrians and drivers. The sample signs are such as “Be careful of people crossing the street.” “School – beware children.” “Speed limit”.

In addition, the organizer also gave the book called “Happy Kids” to all students. This book presented knowledge subject about pedestrian safety. They also gave “Walk Smart – – Instructional Kit” for the schools in teaching how to walk safely.

Safe Kids Thailand ศูนย์วิจัยเพื่อสร้างเสริมความปลอดภัยและป้องกันการบาดเจ็บในเด็ก ร่วมกับบริษัท เฟดเอ็กซ์ เอ็กซ์เพรส ประ…

โพสต์โดย Walk This Way Thailand บน 12 ธันวาคม 2017

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Facebook: Walk This Way Thailand

Website: www.safekidsthailand.com

Reported by: Ms. Kornwikar Buntanon, CSIP


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